What is Sheep Genetics

What is Sheep Genetics

The purpose of Sheep Genetics is to improve the quality, scope and utilisation of across-flock, and where appropriate, across breed genetic information for the Australian sheep industry.

Sheep Genetics is a not for profit service operating for the benefit of Australian sheep producers.

Sheep Genetics provides a single national language in the form of Australian Sheep Breeding Values ASBVs

  • ASBVs are available across flock and, where appropriate, across breeds
  • Breeders retain direct ownership of their data
  • ASBVs are updated twice monthly for a range of commercially relevant traits that impact on all sectors of the sheep industry
  • ASBVs are designed to be used to compare the genetic potential of animals independent of the environment and location
  • A database of some 3 million animals, reflecting data from more than 1000 flocks around Australia.

Together with the Australian sheep industry, MLA and AWI have facilitated genetic evaluation for prime lamb and wool producers.

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Tom Silcock is currently an executive member of the Australian Ewe Lifetime Productivity Trial, and Chairman of Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association and the Elders Balmoral Sire Evaluation Trial.